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Kings Bend Park

Public Works - Parks Department

What we do:

The Town of Pittsford Parks Department serves to provide and maintain high quality parks, recreation facilities, trails and open spaces that meet the full range of passive and active recreation needs of Town residents.

The Parks Department maintains nearly 233 acres of active parkland. Some of these areas include Thornell Farm Park, Hopkins Park, Great Embankment Park, and  Carpenter Park at the Port of Pittsford. These parks are host to many organized activities such as sporting events, Town celebrations, and the Summer Concert Series. King’s Bend Park accommodates many private functions with its two lodges, and its playground provides fun for many youngsters.

The Town’s open space is comprised of over 1,130 acres and includes neighborhood recreation spaces, undeveloped fields, woodlots, and working farmland. These areas serve our residents’ need for casual recreation while providing a rustic quality to our Town.

Trails and access ways in the Town of Pittsford total nearly 38 miles. Our trails provide hikers interesting destinations, quiet seclusion, and an enjoyable means to get some fresh air and exercise. Our 66 access-ways link many neighborhoods together and provide a safe means to access Town properties.

We believe that the health, well-being, and vitality of the residents and the community are enhanced through the provision of well designed, properly maintained, and aesthetically pleasing parks and public landscapes. As our park system grows, we remain committed to providing the stewardship required to ensure that these lands are available to the residents of Pittsford for many years to come.


How do I report a need for trail or park maintenance?

Please telephone the Parks Department at (585) 248-6495 to report any maintenance or safety issues regarding Town trails, parks or park facilities.

How do I reserve a lodge at King’s Bend Park?

Please telephone the Recreation Department at (585) 248-6280 or reserve a lodge on-line.

How do I reserve a lodge at Mendon Ponds Park or Powder Mills Park?

As these are both Monroe County parks, you must call the Monroe County Parks Department at (585) 753-7275.

How do I reserve a playing field in a Town Park?

Please telephone the Recreation Department at (585) 248-6280.

Contact Information

Paul Schenkel
Paul Schenkel


Jim Gagnier
Jim Gagnier

Deputy Commissioner

Jessica Neal
Jessica Neal

General Foreman

Email Parks Department

34 East Street, Pittsford, NY 14534
Phone: (585) 248-6495

Office Hours
Mon-Fri 7:00AM to 3:30PM